Why Record at Little Castle?

Because no one else has the capacity
to make you feel as comfortable
and able to immerse yourself in your music -

Being able to completely immerse yourself
in the love for what you do
and the music you create
is THE most important element
in recording successfully.

How do I do that?

1 - By being absolutely transparent to your process.

You won't have to accomodate me in any way as you work.

No conforming to 'my' way of doing things.

No new internal dialog going on
while you're trying to focus and play

2 - Your initial setup is off the clock
How can you relax if you're worried about spending money
before you've even played a single note?

Even 4 hours to set up a full band is free
Whatever it takes

I can take extra time if needed to get the setup perfect
without feeling stressed myself
then you start, knowing it's right

You can even set up the night before
and start fresh in the morning

So no-one begins having been worn down
by the setup time

3 - I have complete command of all the tools in this studio

How can you relax if equipment is breaking down or malfunctioning?

Should you foot the bill for someone else's learning curve
to use their own equipment?

All equipment is properly maintained

The confidence inspired by
the facility with which I use these tools
will enhance your ability to perform

4 - You're working with someone with 40 years of experience
on both sides of the glass

I've been a session player myself since 1967

5 - I'll keep you in tune
I've been tuning pianos since 1983

I have perfect relative pitch

I've been known to walk into a room full of bluegrass musicians
and point to the one string on the one instrument that's out
and say whether it's flat or sharp
and fix it
(if I've earned that player's respect and permission first)

6 - If you get stuck, I'll get you unstuck
I've produced records and arranged for other people since 1978
and have led a lot of people out of the abyss
if things started going wrong

I'll offer you real solutions, freely
without imposing my ideas on you
until you have enough on your palette of choice
to choose your way forward yourself
and feel good about it

7 - I'll return your phone calls and emails promptly
Coordinating a project is already a lot of work

You have a right
that it not be made more difficult than it already is
by someone who doesn't communicate

You'll know I'm motivated and into working with you

8 - I'll be prepared when you get here
Your hard drives/tapes will be up and ready

Your previous tracking setup will be up and ready

I'll have extensive notes taken from our last session
so we don't spin our wheels getting back up to speed
or waste time trying to match sounds, etc

9 - I'm meticulous in the way I keep track of the clock
How can you relax and perform if someone is being loosey-goosey
about keeping track of the time they're charging you for?

I respect the fact that this hourly rate
is not cheap for you

I've been in your shoes

I keep close written track of only the time
for which I've been productive on your behalf
rounded to the nearest quarter hour

10 - We'll back up all work religiously
Need I say more??

11 - Complete Compatibility
Have you ever seen a hard drive
crammed full of files with meaningless names
that even the person who created it
couldn't sort out to save their life?

What happens if someone drops a piano on my head?

Your project will be meticulously organized

My file naming strategy ensures
that anyone else down the production path
will be able to easily understand what's there
and be able to re-configure your project

How Do I Know
That These Things Actually Impact Your Ability
To Be Your Best?

As I said, I've been on both sides of the glass myself since 1967

I've personally been affected both positively and negatively
by the actions of studios and engineers
in ways that clearly impacted my replica rolex ability (or inability)
to get into that 'zone' that's so potentially magical
that's so critical
in making music other people will want to hear, enjoy, and buy

I've been blessed to have worked with
some of the best musicians on the planet
I've recorded, jammed, and sung with Donovan
I've done session work for Andrew Loog Oldham
(producer, Rolling Stones)
among others

Though my time with him was only months
Andrew taught me through example
that the only thing really meaningful in a recording session
was how the players are feeling

that the key to the magic
was not the gear
the microphones
the room
the name
the ego

Every ounce of his effort as producer
was invested in clearing the emotional and logistic path
in freeing people
to do their best

to the way they felt

He surprised an elderly woman doing a string session
with her favorite flowers
leaving her to wonder
how on earth did he find out?

How do you think she played that day?

He went out to buy sandwiches
In humble service of people that were a lot less famous than himself

How do you think they played that day?


It's this blessing of experience
blind luck
and firsthand knowledge
that informs me
that everything I do
contributes to the way you feel

This is how I know
how to provide a recording environment for you
in which you will flourish
and do your personal best

That's Why You Should Record At Little Castle.

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Skype: horacewilliamsjr

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