This is EXACTLY what we're looking for !
1st Night Burlington board of directors (unanimous reaction)
Kept a packed house spellbound - recieved two riotous encores -
Sallie Mack - Ripton Community Coffeehouse
You're patient, a natural teacher, and humorous enough to keep 12-year-olds attentive and productive for over 2 hours !
Susan Gerardin - Camel's Hump Middle school
After an hour, I am sure this is the most unassuming, refreshing, optimistic act I have heard . . .he plays with a kind of skill and versatility rarely achieved.  Clearly inspired and deeply talented -
Roger Atwood - Massachusetts Daily Collegian
Keeping 125 boys and girls in grades 7-9 fully interested and involved for forty minutes is no easy task.He performed this task with smooth and professional effort.
Richard Rehenbry - Oxbow High School
I worked with Horace on the pre-concert and assembly and he certainly worked hard in this area also.  Horace is an easy person to know and to work with -
Joseph Whalen - Mt Abraham Union High School
He was punctual and well prepared.  Mr. Williams' voice, musicianship and comical nature held the children spellbound during the entire one hour performance.  He encouraged all to participate and managed to get the teachers and other adults to perform with him to the sheer delight of all the children -
Linda O'Leary - Wells School
Horace Williams, Jr. is completely at ease in the performance medium and that ease is contagious.  It's where his connection with the audience begins.  Over 45 years experience performing for every conceivable audience type and a repertoire of several hundred songs give him the tools to seize that connection and hold it.

He engages the audience by talking to them as if they were a room full of close friends, using anecdotes to connect them to material that's new and interesting, interactive, fun, and often thought-provoking.  He is one of the few performers that has the ability to address a room full of a complete mix of people including teenagers, small children, college students, elderly people, blue and white collar, etc., and keep them all entertained and involved.

His skill as a communicator is equally matched with virtuosity both as an instrumentalist and a vocalist.  This is rare - many performers who are great communicators are somewhat lacking in their playing and/or singing skills.  No one minds because after all, it's communication that brings an audience joy and pleasure.  Horace's  acoustic guitar playing however, is absolutely stunning, and his vocals are smooth, rich and engaging.  He often uses piano and other instruments to bring musical counterpoint.  This gives him the ability to couple his communication with periods of immersion into music that is simply beautiful and inspiring. 

Have you ever been to a performance where you were so immersed that you forgot temporarily where you were?  Where you drove home afterward feeling like something wonderful had happened?

It is this rare combination of musical virtuosity and ability to communicate that enables Horace Williams Jr. to immerse himself and his audiences in something wonderful and unforgetable.

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