Remember me

I live
Within you

In absolute stillness


  Have you forgotten ?

Have you have placed me outside of yourself ?
Far beyond your reach ?

I am here

Within you

Close as breath

I always have been
I always will be

Find me

You are me

  of  Innocence
Is a reminder that we all have the potential
to become infinite and eternal beings
with creative abilities beyond our memory
yet within our reach
if we are willing to go inward
and call them forth.

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Responses (direct quotes)
from people who have attended screenings:

"An invitation to look within"

"A movie that's made for forever"

"I thought I had stepped into a poem"

"Hypnotic - trance-like"

"A meltdown"

"Most movies have a 2D conciousness
this film has a 3D conciousness"

"Makes me feel like I'm the first human"

"You're IN it as opposed to just observing"

"A superconductor for the soul"


"A feast for the senses"

"It's not a film; it's an experience"

"Takes you far beyond
where most people have never been"

"My ideas were evolving along with it"

"If you can stop your world
long enough to see it
you will be deeply affected"



"Thought provoking"

"You feel a presence"

"A mirror that reflects our deeper self"

"I don't know if I can talk;
I'm mesmerized by the beauty of it"

"Leaves you with a lot to think about"

"Has another plane than other film experiences"

"A concert of sound, visuals, and spoken word"

"This is the anti-movie!"

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